The Second Coming

by Sucka Punch

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Recorded March 2012 at Pus Cavern in Sacramento, CA with Joe Johnston. Released 4/14/12.


released April 16, 2012

Sucka Punch Is:

Mike Young - Vocals, Trumpet
Pierre Marche - Drums
Cody Forcier - Trombone, Backup Vocals
Bun Chettaraj - Bass
Chris Fox - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dave Masud - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Shane Heimerdinger - Tenor Saxophone

All songs by Sucka Punch
Recorded 3/1/12-3/4/12 at Pus Cavern in Sacramento, CA
Engineered by Joe Johnston
Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monster Lab Audio in Stockholm, Sweden
Cover art by Tayler Wooten
Insert photo by Dane Haman
Back cover photo by Juan, Two, Three


all rights reserved



Sucka Punch Reno, Nevada

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Track Name: Sail On

A life on the road isn’t always what it seems
From town to town everyday is like living in a dream
A life on the road, well it can’t be for all
But we’ll be riding down that road until we take the final fall

We’ve sailed the seven seas
Pushed forward at full steam
We’ve seen all there is to see
And bled all there is to bleed

We’re ready to hit the road without a second thought
Full throttle straight ahead on to the next spot
Because you can’t spend your time living in the past
Right now is the time to move on

Sail on
Track Name: Butterface

She passed by me just the other day
I stopped and looked and took a double take
‘cause she can rock those panty hose
Despite her big ol’ camel toe

The way she looks like a model
A superstar a genie in a bottle
Stiletto heels and she’s dressed to kill
But her face could make a blind man ill

I could say she’s a perfect 10
With a paper bag on her head
She looks good in leather and lace
She’s so fine…everything butterface

A wandering eye and five front teeth
Reminiscent of a night’s bad dream
Her face value can’t be glorified
Gap in her teeth like the Great Divide

She hides behind her cover up
And still looks like she got hit by a truck
Up to the neck she’s so seductive
But from the neck up she’s so corrupted
Track Name: Marlboro Man

A nail in my coffin, now there’s a funny joke
And just because I’m coughing doesn’t mean I’m gonna choke
‘cause I’m the type of guy who smokes with a cup of joe
A cigarette for breakfast and I’m ready to go

Marlboro Man why can’t you understand?
I can’t shake your second hand

My teeth are nice and yellow and my gums they tend to bleed
But that monkey in my chest knows when it’s time to feed
In the morning when I’m snoring, sometimes I hack it up
So beside the bed beneath me I keep a Dixie cup

Marlboro Red 100’s and Salem Ultra Lights
So many shapes and sizes to fit me just right
It completes the meal and has appeal especially after sex
It compliments the beer I drink and that’s what I do best
Track Name: Loaded Gun

The other day a friend said to me
Have you ever noticed that people tell stories?
Of all the things they wish they had said
To some guy who’d probably kicked them in the head

And nine times out of ten if given the chance
They’d chicken out again and wet their pants
It’s easier to swallow teeth than to swallow pride
And go home feeling empty inside

Don’t bite your tongue
Don’t turn and run
A sharp mind is better than a loaded gun

The other day a friend said to me
Have you ever noticed that people say “sorry?”
…for every little thing that doesn’t go right
They walk away and live in fear of another night

And if given the chance nine times out of ten
They’d talk a bunch of trash to all their friends
Even though they know that it’s just a big lie
They go home feeling empty inside
Track Name: The Second Coming

He traveled the land in a pair of Birkenstocks
Free-balllin’ in his robe, he never wore socks
Wanderin’ around like a gypsy dancin’
He looked a lot like Bob Seger or Charlie Manson
He walked night and day and day and night
Until his Birks wore down, a little on the right
And so he decided to take a little rest
But just a slight break from his holy quest
So he stopped by the local watering hole
He bought some Shoe Goo and he saved his sole
He ordered a bottle of wine and pickled egg
What happened next is a little vague

A dying need or just a need to abstain
And then along comes Misses Mary Magdalene
Their eyes meet, and she motions him near
Her motives distinct, her intentions sincere

If you’re waiting around for the second coming
Pitching tents and hymnal humming…

A 30-year release of sexual tension
The first account of a divine intervention
He left in the morning without a pause
He had no choice, he was down for the cause
Peter chickened out and Judas was a rat
And who needs a woman with friends like that
Filled with disappointment, he headed out the hut
Guided by the stars and the memory of her butt
But sometime later he returned from his trek
And he thought to himself “Ah, what the heck
I’ll pay a little visit to Mary “What’s her name?””
But it had been a long time and things weren’t the same

Upon arrival at the line of scrimmage
A little one appeared, a spittin’ imagage
Now what would Jesus do in this situation?
Take another trip! A permanent vacation!

If ya wanna get down when the bitches come running
Stop that shit that you’ve been shoveling

Repent your sins
Make sure your dues are paid
And celebrate the day Jesus got laid

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